Aquaculture in the News

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Expanding US Aquaculture

New aquaculture webinar series

7 Reasons aquaculture could be a big opportunity.

Fish Free Feeds for Aquaculture

New Plans For US aquaculture

Catalina Sea Ranch Has Funding to Start 1st year Offshore

US Chefs Lack Sustainability Knowledge

Offshore Fish Farming to Expand with New Federal Rule

Soy Groups Backing US Aquaculture Development

USDA Awards 1.2 Million Dollars For Aquaculture Research

Soybean Group Supports NOAAs New Rule on Offshore Aquaculture

US Government Opens teh Door to Giant Offshore Farms

NOAA Scientist Hails New Program For Aquaculture in US Waters

New Aquaculture Fishery Management Plan to Expand Soybean Meal Market

Conference Seeks to Boost Aquaculture Profitibility

Ocean Steward Praises Gulf Offshore Aquaculture Policy


Northeast Looks to Grow Aquaculture Industry

Mussell Aquaculture in MA

Green Plate Special: Oysters

Aquaculture Innovation

Aquaculture Doesnt Get the Support it Deserves

Kentucky Gets New Aquaponics Grant


Wild vs Farmed Seafood: A False Dichotomy

What Could Be the Benefit of US Approval of GM Salmon?

US Approves First Transgenic Fish

Alaska Tops US Seafood Market

Aquaculture Exchange

Marine Aquaculture Production Continues to Grow

Development of Aquaculture in Michigan

US Aquaculture Grows 5% a Year

47% of Public View Aquaculture Negatively

Aquaculture Market to be Driven to be Worth $195 Billion by 2019


NOAA's Milford Lab a Global Leader in Aquaculture

Aquaculture Without Frontiers Board

Green Plate Special: Farmed Salmon from Maine

Can Farmed Trout Go Vegetarian?

Aquaculture For Economic and Environmental Sustainability.

VA Shore Native Ready to Plant Oyster Farm.

Chesapeake Bay Aquaculture Presents as Many Opportunities as Challenges, Seafood Leaders Say.

Tobacco Farm Transitions into a Fish Farm.

Aquaculture Awareness Week:  10 facts about California Aquaculture.

USDA Census of Aquaculture:Highlights.

Fish Farming and Aquaculture Potentials in the United States.

USA prepares for massive growth in Aquaculture.

Seaweed key to mitigating ocean acidification.

Michigan Looks at sustainable aquaculture.

Should we expand aquaculture in the United States?

Aquaculture: Opportunities for the fastest growning food production systems in the United States.