Professional Achievement Awards

Douglas Drennan II Industry Leadership Award

This award will recognize an outstanding person in the aquaculture industry and community.  The award would recognize an individual who has both professionally and personally contributed to the aquaculture industry through improving technology, innovation and/or process and demonstrated a personal commitment to the aquaculture community, especially students.   Nominees would not necessarily have to be a USAS member.


2017 Mike Freeze
2016 Not Awarded
2015 Douglas Drennan II

Distinguished Early Career Award

The Distinguished Early Career Award recognizes an individual who has been involved with U.S. Aquaculture for 10 years or less.  This award recognizes outstanding leadership or innovation in research, education, extension or industry development in the field of aquaculture.  This award specifically emphasizes sigificant personal contributions made to further advance U.S. aquaculture.


2017 Benjamin H. Beck & Rafael Cuevas Uribe
2016 Not Awarded


Chris Green

2011 Andrew Ray
2009 Kwamena Quagrainie
2009 Chuck Miscke
2009 Brian Small
2005 Chris Bridger

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding personal contributions to the U.S.A.S. and/or the U.S. aquaculture industry. This award emphasizes significant leadership and overall impact in research, education, extension, or industry development in the field of aquaculture.


2017 Reg Blaylock
2016 Not Awarded


Leslie Sturmer
2014 Carole Engle
2013 Craig Browdy
2011 John Scarpa
2010 Jim Steeby
2009 Craig Tucker
2008 Craig Watson
2007 Juliette Massey
2006 Carl Webster
2005 David Brune
2003 LaDon Swann

Distinguished Life-time Achievement Award

The Distinguished Life-time Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has made contributions and broad impacts throughout his/her career to aquaculture in the United States through research, education, extension and/or industry development. This award recognizes a long-time commitment of service to aquaculture that is deemed highly significant and enduring.


2017 Sebastian Belle
2016 Rick Barrows


Douglas Drennan
2014 Gary Jensen
2013 Drew Mitchell
2012 Ted Batterson
2011 Fred W. Wheaton
2010 Lou D'Abramo
2009 Claude Boyd
2008 Craig Watson
2007 Bill Simco
2006 Ted Smith
2005 John Jensen