The mission of the USAS is to "provide a national forum for the exchange of timely information among aquaculture researchers, students and industry members in the United States. To accomplish this mission, the USAS will sponsor and convene workshops and meetings, foster educational opportunities and publish aquaculture-related materials important to U.S. aquaculture development."

 President's Column

I am very excited by the opportunity to serve as the president of the United States chapter of the World Aquaculture Society.  It is a honor to serve a chapter with so many great members representing academia, industry, government, extension and more.  Diversity of membership is part of what makes an organization strong.  As of February 17 2017, the US chapter was 1032 members strong making it the largest of the WAS chapters. If you are interested in the breakdown of the membership, please see Table 1.  The chapter could not function without the selfless dedication and expertise of the executive committee (see Table 2), the home office and the 30+ members who volunteer to serve on committees.  If you are interested in how the chapter operates, I encourage you to get involved with a committee or communicate with the executive board.  I would like to extend a special thanks to Gef Flimlin and Mike Denson who have been wonderful mentors and president elect Dave Straus who’s expert organizational skills are helping to keep things running smoothly.  

The 2017 meeting in San Antonio was an unqualified great success with almost 1,900 attendees representing 57 countries. It was also one of the largest trade shows with 187 vendor booths.  The success of the meeting keeps the chapter in good financial health.  Both members and trade show sponsors were ...



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